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The Atheist Experience: Weekly show created by the Atheist Community of Austin that promotes positive atheist culture and the separation of church and state.

Mormon Stories: Mormon Stories podcast seeks to understand, explore, challenge, and improve the Mormon experience through stories.

The CES Letter: one Latter-Day Saint's honest quest to get official answers from the LDS Church on its troubling origins, history, and practices.

Secular Therapy Project: Network of clients seeking therapists who use state-of-the-art, non-religious methods.

Exmormon Subreddit: A place to discuss, share stories, and seek answers.

LDS Gopel Topic Essays: Official LDS essays about controversial church history and teachings. Originally intended to promote transparency within the church regarding unusual claims and questionable topics, but most members of the church who actually read and study these essays end up losing their faith or eventually resigning.

Mormon Faith Crisis: a comprehensive online support guide and set of resources for Mormons in faith crisis.


Popular posts from this blog

An Introduction

The goal of this blog is to express my own journey out of theistic belief with an emphasis on LDS (Latter Day Saints/Mormon) indoctrination. I will not be attacking specific doctrines or church history. Rather, It is my hope that by working through my own thoughts and struggles I can inspire and support those who may be in similar situations and to inform others how this transition can be a difficult one. I plan on exploring topics like faith, morals, the supernatural, depression, and more. Please feel free to comment and discuss as I am open to alternative perspectives and insight. For more info, please visit my about me page.

Telling My Wife I Don't Believe

I finally told my wife that I no longer believe. At the beginning of this year, The Mormon Church made some significant changes to the ceremonies in the temple. Growing up in the church, it was common to hear how priesthood ordinances like baptism and temple work were unchanging and had to be done exactly to script. Because of this, we would frequently mock the Catholic church for how often they change their ceremonies and practices to suit more modern audiences. However, now that there are several changes being made to the Mormon ceremonies, most members of the church are praising these amazing "new revelations."

Visiting the Free Thought Library and Atheist Experience Live Show

I've mentioned The Atheist Experience show several time before and how much they have helped me work through my indoctrination and shape my epistemology. However, I didn't think I would ever get the chance to actually visit the show or meet the hosts.